we can also make the badminton experience more affordable and competitive! We are pleased to announce the following price structure effective 1/1/2021:

  1. Off peak (Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm) - $15 per hour

  2. Peak (all other times) - $22 per hour


We are also delighted to announce our Badminton Social is back on as of Wednesday 1/7/20 (rsvp required)

The time slots are as follows:


  1. Tuesday 8pm - 10.00pm $12 per person (intermediate to advanced players only)

  2. Wednesday 8pm - 10pm $10 per person

  3. Thursday 7.30pm - 10pm $13 per person

  4. Saturday 8pm - 10pm $12 per person (intermediate to advanced players only)